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Machine Girl - WLFGRL 2LP With Bonus Tracks 2021

Machine Girl - WLFGRL 2LP With Bonus Tracks 2021

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This is a brand new, official press vinyl record of Machine Girl's WLFGRL album. It includes two LPs with four bonus songs and the cover features the iconic wolfgirl design. The artist, Machine Girl, is known for their unique and experimental approach to electronic music. This vinyl would make a great addition to any music collection, especially for fans of industrial, breakcore, and hardcore genres.


The WLFGRL album is presented in a record format, perfect for audiophiles who appreciate the warmth and depth of vinyl sound. The material used for this record is high-quality vinyl, ensuring a long-lasting listening experience. This item falls under the Music and Vinyl Records categories. Get your hands on this amazing piece of art and enjoy the music of Machine Girl in its purest form.

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